You see here a picture of a young man, a spiritual traveler on his earthly pilgrimage, with a countenance of gentleness and harmony that complemented his inner determination and strength.


Ian lived the vision of the world he wanted us all to be a part of - a world you and I hunger for - this is the legacy Ian left us. It is his gift to us as we seek to perpetuate our own human and spiritual destiny:

  • To touch each other's lives with gentleness, kindness, forgiveness and mercy
  • To appreciate and be grateful for each other, not to take life and love for granted, and embrace the uniqueness of each individual life.
  • Knowing how short, how fragile, how delicate, how unpredictable life is, to never neglect to treat others with grace and dignity. It's the right thing to do.
  • Don't just speak your truth, but live your truth as you accept all people without judgment because none of us knows what scars and hurts another may be holding inside.
  • Live a life of vitality, passion and enthusiasm. As you spread the divine light of love to others, realize that love truly is the inner and inter-connectedness of all beings.

This is how Ian lived, and this is the contribution, the message, this humble messenger left to us. We would not only honor Ian, but honor the best in all of us, if we take away from his life the love he felt and gave, and make it a part of our lives not only now but for always. In that way, Ian didn't really leave us. He is a part of each of us forever as we live out his dreams for himself and others.

The best way to honor Ian would be to say to other's the word of greeting and farewell in India:

Namasté: I see the light within you and I honor it.

About Ian Wallace

Namasté: I see the light within you and I honor it.


Ian James Wallace lived life and loved life. He touched and positively affected more lives than he could have ever imagined. For seventeen years we had an angel walking with us. This humble, unassuming, Renaissance man was in this world but not of this world. He was on loan from the universe for a brief period of time. Ian James Wallace was given to us with a message that we all fervently need to listen to and follow.

Ian was a genuine soul full of love, compassion, sensitivity and respect for everyone. A servant leader with courage, character, conviction and integrity, Ian inspired each of us to find a way to contribute, make a difference, and be of service to our fragile planet. Thus, during Ian's earthly sojourn, he managed to do something extraordinary with his life: to find the spiritual light of love within, shine it on a world in need of mercy, grace and compassion, and motivate others to carry on his journey. That was his gift to us all. 

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