Sidney Masuga

Smoky Hill HS

Jasmine Von Feldt

Cherry Creek HS

Yonas Seltene 

Overland HS

Kadesha Miller

Cherry Creek HS

Jordan Jones-Potts

Montbello HS

Jessica Green

Smoky Hill HS

Stacey Darr

Mullen Hill HS

Martha Berhane

Smoky Hill HS

Perry Weissman

Smoky Hill English Professor

Alecia Martinez

Smoky Hill HS

Dakari Lawrence

George Washington HS

Megan Marshall

Overland HS

Stephanie Burkhart

Smoky Hill HS

Yamili Quezada

North HS

Benjamin Madry

Smoky Hill HS

2010 Recipients

2011 Recipients

2012 Recipients

2013 Recipients

2014 Recipients

2018 Ian James Wallace Recipients

Whitney Wolf

Smoky Hill HS

Meseret Hailu

Overland HS

Janei Maynard

Cherokee Trail​

Evangaline Martinez

Florence Crittenton​

Hope Decker

Smoky Hill HS

2016 Ian James Wallace Scholarship Recipients

Kelly Griffin

Overland HS

Katherine Bates

Smoky Hill HS

Henry Grossen

Swink HS

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The awards were presented at a dinner attended by the Board of Directors, Officers, Review Board, recipients and their parents. Each winner also gave a speech to the group summarizing how and what they would do to make this a more "just and humane world," which was Ian's life goal.

The Ian James Wallace Scholarship Fund is a Colorado non-profit 501 (c) (3) charity established to provide scholarships to graduating Colorado high school seniors for their first year of college.

Applications for the Ian James Wallace Scholarship Fund can also be obtained from Smoky Hill High School or your high school post-graduate center.

Dawitt Gebresellassi

George Washington HS

Smoky Hill High School

George Washington High School

Smoky Hill High School

Denver Center for International Studies

Regis High School

Crystal Murillo

Smoky Hill HS

Melissa Clark

Smoky Hill HS

Scholarship Recipients

The family of Ian James Wallace is proud to announce the recipients of the first annual scholarship awards which were created in Ian's honor after he was killed in an automobile accident December 27, 2005.

The Board of Directors, Officers, and Review Board selected four graduating high school seniors. They exhibited advancement in personal growth and development in the areas of academic success, community contributions and personal accomplishment.

Each recipient was awarded a $1500.00 scholarship to the college or university of their choice. The recipients are: 

Yadiel Tesfaye

Jazmin Jimenez-Estrada

Racheal Alles

Carmelina Palmer

Joseph Robertson

2008 Recipients

2009 Recipients

Madeline Rita

DenverSchool of the Arts

Kristen Tucker

Smoky Hill HS

Pueblo South

Smoky Hill High School

Smoky Hill High School

Smoky Hill High School

Smoky Hill High School

Smoky Hill High School

2015 Recipients

2007 Recipients

Candace Cephers

Smoky Hill HS

Savannah Stewart

Smoky Hill HS

Vikasini Mahalingam

Smoky Hill HS

Smoky Hill High School

Discovery High School

Cherry High School

Legend High School

Smoky Hill High School

Ashley Gaffney

Smoky Hill HS

Ryan Brown

Denver School of The Arts

Jasmine Tatum

Kent HS

Anahi Miranda

Abraham Lincoln HS

Ian Milby

Smoky Hill HS

Sue Wallace

Ian Wallace's Mother/Founder

Duane Rich

Abraham Lincoln HS

Jalaya Alexander

Smoky Hill HS

2021 Ian James Wallace Recipients

Kira Harmer

Janita Matoke

Natalie Roberts

Nicole Steiner

Raeann Farag

2017 Ian James Wallace Recipients

Lauren M. Martinez 

Kylie M. Davis

Shayne M. Walton

Ayanna U. Hwang 

Kevin L. Hirschfeld

​​SiMya E. Jackson


Leslie Sue Parker-Wallace

Ian James Wallace Scholarship Fund

16748-9C East Smoky Hill Road, #106

Centennial, Colorado 80015


Alhassan Kamara

South HS

Stephanie Burkhart

Smoky Hill HS

2019 Ian James Wallace Recipients

2020 Ian James Wallace Recipients

Review Board

Marina Jett

Stephanie Kidd

Steven Darnell Kidd

Leslie Sue Parker-Wallace

Malik Robinson

Perry Weissman

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Board of Directors


Leslie Sue Parker-Wallace

Honorary Lifetime President/Co-Founder: (Father of Ian ~ Deceased 2018)

James J. Wallace, Jr.

Board Member:

Malik Robinson

Board Member:

Perry Weissman